New Leaders and a New Ruler Foot

I put new leaders on Lady Olena’s rollers, as the zipper ones that came with her were quite old and disintegrating.  I am not a fan of the zipper leaders anyway, so I used a roll of duck cloth and made her some brand new old fashioned ones.  I attached them to the rollers with carpet tape (the super sticky permanent kind) and then taped them to the rollers with Gorilla tape.  Once I had them on, I quickly realized that I was not going to always (if ever) be doing 14′ wide quilts, so I took a razor and cut them vertically, around each roller, at the 8′ mark.  This allows me to use 8′ of leader most of the time, while keeping the remaining 6′ rolled up and out of the way.  If I ever need more than 8′, I can just unroll the remaining portion, as it was perfectly aligned when I put it on at first as one solid piece of fabric.

She has also been fitted with new roller handles.  These are not really going to be used much, as I can roll the steel rollers easily as needed, but they make her look pretty and they are functional, should I need to use them from that end of things.

Finally, and most exciting, Lady Olena has been fitted with a custom made ruler foot.  A machinist I know from church made the foot for me and after remaking and fiddling with it three times, we got it just right.  The hop on the Gammill PDQ is quite high, so I believe I will be buying two rulers of each style I buy and stacking them.  But I am pretty sure that this foot is going to work just fine for ruler work.  I am just thrilled!

Since the foot on this machine is part of the post or shaft and not a separate piece that can be removed at will, I had to remove the bobbin assembly and even push back the gear shaft to get one off and the other on.  This was not difficult, but also not for the faint hearted.  Now I have her reassembled and am working on getting the timing just right.  Once the timing is set, she will be ready to roar.

I have made a lot of progress with Lady Olena in a short period of time.  Thank you again to my special fiber buddy (you know who you are) for giving me the opportunity to bring her home and give her new life.  I hope I have made you proud.  Until next time… D

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