Wedding Gifts

April through June is the time when I am busy each year making wedding gifts for friends and family who have decided to tie the knot.  This year I have two major gifts that I am working on for two special couples.  The first is a cross stitch silhouette for a friend’s daughter.  The couple likes simple, classic  designs, nothing too modern or flashy (or so I have been told) so this is the design I settled on for them.  Here is a photo of my niece, who I am also teaching to cross stitch, helping me do the fill in work.  She seems to be quite a natural.


The second couple are both Auburn graduates, so they will be receiving a one of a kind quilt made especially for them.  It is on the frame now, so it should be finished in the next week or two.  Here it is hanging over the frame before I attached and rolled it on.



Until next week…

Fair winds,


One thought on “Wedding Gifts

  1. The quilt is lovely! But you know that I think it’s beautiful, lol! Your niece is adorable and it’s great to see a younger generation learning the fiber arts. Maybe if I had younger eyes I might give cross stitch another chance.

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