Christmas Stockings and Spring Weather

The past two weeks, or so, I have been busy trying to knit up these two commissioned stockings.  Boy am I glad they are done!  Not difficult to do, but the weaving in of the ends afterward is a PITA!  Anyway, they are done and gone.

Stockings for Liam and Gabriel

Stockings for Liam and Gabriel

Is the weather crazy where you are?  We are having our usual one final burst of Spring before the first freeze comes our way.  I have always thought this was so cruel for the plants, as they start blooming just in time to get hit with cold and ice.  Boo!  Anyway, this is the time that Mom’s azalea chooses to bloom.  It was given to us by Scott’s aunt and uncle when mother died, so we planted it and called it Mom’s azalea.  So far it has survived my somewhat brown thumb…thanks Mom!

Mom's Azalea

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