Thanksgiving 2015

We did not go anywhere for Thanksgiving this year, save across the pasture to my in-laws.  I was put in charge of the mashed potatoes for 20+ people and two chocolate pies.  Scott helped with both and I was quite impressed by his meringue work.  See for yourself.

Chocolate Pies

Scott and his chocolate pie.

The food was plentiful and the children were everywhere, as is the norm.

Feast Food

After dinner we made our way home and enjoyed a quiet evening, just the two of us (and the animals, of course).  One of the highpoints of the evening for me was hitting 500 ranked wins on my Mage on Hearthstone and securing my golden hero.  This was the scene…

Hearthstone 500 Wins

Last, but not least, the floss I bought from the thrift adventure has been wound and counted.  I ended up coming home with over 250 skeins of DMC.  That just makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside…LOL

The Iron Bowl is tomorrow and I am staying home to watch it on TV.  Scott is going to the game with Larry and a friend from work.  So until next time…WAR EAGLE everyone!!

One thought on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. Sounds like you have a great Thanksgiving! We did our today since I am a slow mover these days. So, I cooked yesterday…5 pies and fruit salad. Then did the big meal today. Didn’t get a chance to send you greetings. Hope your game watching was fun too!

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