Thrifty Friends and Great Finds

Yes, Reba, you are quite the enabler.  Thank you so much for texting me about the cross stitch gold mine at the thrift store the other day.  I got into town as quick as I could and secured the mother load.  This seemed to be a collection donated to the thrift store by a single stitcher (or possibly her remaining family).  There were many stitched pieces (see the list below) and loads of DMC thread and patterns.  The stitcher, whoever she was, was very good.  Her stitching is impeccable.  I started going through the items and there were so many items that I wanted to grab that I finally just grabbed a milk crate from below the table and started filling it with loot.  The best part of this whole deal is that when I went to the front to pay, I asked the manager if she could make me a “deal” for the whole crate.  She went to the back of the store (with the crate in hand) and returned rather quickly with a price.  $6 for the whole shebang!!!!  Whoot!!!!  I could not believe my ears.  So, here is what I ended up bringing home:

27-6″ Precious Moments blocks, 4-10×12″ Precious Moments blocks, 8-Floss binders full of DMC threads, 3-Baby kits, 10-sewing patterns (generally worth $14 each), 8-pieces of Aida, and various other leaflets and things.

The Crate of Goods


Thrift Store Loot

Precious Moments

To answer an earlier question, Ebby does not need someone to sleep with her to keep her warm, I have to confess that she has heating pads under each of her beds to keep her warm.

Finally, on a sad note today, my maternal grandmother passed away on Tuesday.  Nana was buried today and now she is no longer in pain.  She lived beyond 90 and had a large family to keep the memory of her alive.  She will be missed much.  Nana was the first person to teach me a fiber craft of any kind.  She taught me the basics of crochet at age 5 and I never looked back.  I remember when she would sew clothes for me.  I would watch her cut the pattern pieces out on her large dining room table.  This was the same table that she never sat at when she had a full house of company to feed.  I remember her way was to stand in the kitchen and make sure everyone had everything they needed.  Everyone would always tell her to sit down and eat, but she insisted on fussing about.  There are many more memories I have of her, too many to share here.

Frances, Georgia, and Deborah - 3 generations

Frances, Georgia, Deborah, Bryan, and William - 5 generations

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Friends and Great Finds

  1. First, my dearest friend, I want to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your Nana. Nana’s are so very precious and sadly we have to give them back to heaven at some point. Not an easy thing to face. My heart aches for you.

    Now, to the enabler thing…I couldn’t be happier that I could find something that could make you happy. That is what enablers and friends do for each other. 🙂 I looked at the work that this person did and even being the novice that I am I could see that she did lovely work. Totally glad that I was able to be the enabler friend! Oh, and I know from experience that Ebby keeps warm with her hot pad on the sofa. Ebby needs me to come by soon so we can snuggle on her hot pad together and you can show me all your loot!!

    • Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Yes, she was special, but I am glad that she is not in pain anymore. She lived a very long and full life. About the visit, please try to come over next week sometime. I will be here 🙂 Love you friend!!

  2. Thank you for telling us about your dear Nana. Isn’t it wonderful that she lived to see you all grown up, a fiber artist she mentored and inspired?
    I, too, suspect that the cross stitch treasure trove was a family throwing out someone’s work after they died. What a collection!

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