Home Fires

Have you seen the PBS Masterpiece show Home Fires?  It is one of the shows I am currently streaming through and it is quite good.  The series is set in WWII England and based around a group of women who face the struggles of the time.  It is an excellent series for watching while stitching.  Highly recommended.

You asked how my fur babies are doing.  Eliot is growing like a weed, Ebby is getting older and Emerson is getting fat and lazy.  So, all in all, everyone is happy.  Here are some recent photos of the cuties…

Brothers "in arms"

Ebby on Pancake Day

The first photo was taken while they were sleeping in the pitch black night on the end of our bed.  I had to use the flash, so it only looks bright.  The second photo is of Ebby enjoying a typical Saturday morning with us at breakfast.  Saturday is pancake day at our house and the one day she gets to eat as a special guest.  Ebby loves her pancakes!

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