Recent Stitching

The Torah panel that I have been working on is complete and ready to be mailed.  This was an interesting exercise for me, as I found myself in prayer or meditation while working on it.  The panel took about 40-60 total stitching hours to complete.  I had thought about adding a graphic to the lower corner, which was allowed, but could not find a small enough graphic that I liked.

One other positive thing to come out of this project was that Scott actually stitched one of the letters on the panel.  This means that he learned what is involved in actually doing this type of work.  It was fun to watch him try to thread a needle and hit the right spot for each stitch on the fabric.  He did it, though, and now we both have our names in the record as having worked on the panel for the project.  Here is the finished panel and below that is a representative photo of what the creator has envisioned for displaying this completed project.  The display (pictured) is of a quilt block project that was done in the same manner as the Torah project.




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