Family Birthdays

Last week was Scott’s uncle’s birthday.  He lives in Birmingham and, although we could not celebrate in person with him, I made a cake for him, which we throughly enjoyed in his absence.  He is a musician, composer and conductor extraordinaire and I was hoping he would enjoy this cake theme.  The notes represent the song “Happy Birthday to You” and the cake was chocolate with buttercream icing.  We all hope he had a great birthday, we enjoyed it!!




Today we are celebrating again with cake and presents for Dale (on the left above), Scott’s mom.  She is an avid quilter and so I came up with this cake for her.  The topper could have been placed on a much larger cake, but it still looks pretty good 🙂  The cake is caramel vanilla with white chocolate ganache between the layers and buttercream and fondant cover the outside.  I’m looking forward to eating this one tonight!!  I hope she will share….LOL


Till next time…

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