A Cake a Week or Rubber Ducky Shower

It seems like I have been averaging a cake a week since my interest has been renewed.  I haven’t been able to post about the last couple as I made them, as they were surprises.  So, here is the first of the two.

This is the shower cake I made for a friend’s shower that I hosted out here at the farm.  The theme of the shower was rubber duckies and so that is what I went with.  This was the first time I had used marshmallow fondant and, although the taste was better than traditional fondant, the elasticity and pliability were somewhat different.  I liked it and didn’t for various reasons.  The result was good though, so I will probably continue to practice with it for a while.




The cake was orange and vanilla swirl on the inside with swiss buttercream and marshmallow fondant on the outside.  Other edible items for the shower included Turkey Salad Sandwiches that I made using this recipe (I used turkey in place of the chicken), Fruit Kabobs that I found a photo of on Pinterest, pickled okra from Dale’s garden, and this ducky punch.  My niece, Abigail, was employed to help with the shower and she did a wonderful job!


The watermelon I purchased for the shower was yellow on the inside.  I did not know such a thing existed.  Everyone seemed to like it though.  Keri was loaded down with gifts for the baby and everyone seemed to leave happy.


Games for the shower included Baby Gift Bingo and What’s In Your Purse.  I wish I had taken photos, as the prizes for the games were baby bottles filled with gourmet jelly beans with ribbon bows around the top.  I made two jewelry pieces for the “grandmothers to be” and sticky ducky name tags for everyone else.  The jewelry name tags had the baby’s birthstone on one side and a tiny rubber ducky charm that I got from Etsy on the other.  In the middle, I used a chalk board charm that I wrote their name and “Grandmother To Be.”

Finally, I wrapped a box in the paper you see on the board above and made a slit in the top.  All attendees were asked to fill in cards called “Wishes for Baby” and drop them in the slot.  This box went home with Keri and hopefully she and Jonathen were able to go through them and enjoy the many blessed comments from their friends for the new baby.

Turnout was good, and I really enjoyed having all these lovely ladies out to my home.  Many of them had never been out here before.



The shower took place outside on our patio and if I could change one thing about the weekend, it would be the heat.  I keep telling myself that at least it was not raining…



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