Cake Decorating – Renewed interest in an old hobby

A long, long time ago (trust me, it was a long, long time), I used to decorate cakes for the occasional $$.  That was back before fondant was even a blip on the screen.  Oh my how times have changed!  Throughout the years, I have baked a cake now and then for friends and family and even purchased the odd tool or cookie cutter in thoughts of someday decorating cakes again.  I never really thought about making it into a business of any kind again.  Of course, those who know me, know that when the muse speaks, I dive in head first and rarely look back.

So, in the midst of planning a baby shower for a dear friend, the muse started knocking on the door.  I realized very quickly that cakes are a real market today.  They are unlimited in scope of difficulty and price.  The amazing development of tools and products out there now can be overwhelming.  I decided very quickly to create and make the cake for the baby shower and in the mean time, I would delve back into the world of cake decorating to see what was possible.  I have loads of practice ahead of me, but here are a few of the cakes I have created recently.

IMG_2023 IMG_2027

World Cup matches were going on at the time and so these grassy cupcakes and USA cake were just the thing to refresh my skills with a piping bag and begin learning about the various ways to use fondant.  After watching some classes and videos on the internet, I truly realized what you can do with fondant and I made some bears for a cake to be made later.



Not too bad, considering I have never sculpted anything before 🙂


While waiting for the day I could put the bears on the upcoming cake, I made this one to test out a chocolate cake recipe and to use my royal icing practice flowers.

IMG_2081 IMG_2078

Finally, here is where the bears ended up.  They are having a blast in the pool.  I think the flip flops and drink umbrellas were my favorite things to make thus far.

So, while I am improving on my cake decorating skills, I still need lots of practice.  Anyone out there need a cake?

I’ll try to post shower and shower cake photos next week.

Fair Winds,


One thought on “Cake Decorating – Renewed interest in an old hobby

  1. I love them all!!! And to be a taste tester is the best! Yum! I think you need to keep the bear cake in your “I can make you this” picture portfolio! How cute would polar bears be with penguins!

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