Done and Done – Tardis and Sock Madness 8

No blog posts lately, because I have been, you guessed it…knitting socks.  First up, I finished my Tardis socks.  They carried me through my most recent MRI and, through space and time, to the other side.  Good news to report there as well…my MELD score actually went down, which seemed to be an unusual thing.  If only my TARDIS socks could have transported us to and from the appointment (saving the 4 hours of driving time) it would have been even better.  Anyway, everything checked out and I go back again in a year.

Tardis Socks

After I finished those, I dove into Sock Madness again this year.  This is SM8, eight years of madness, and I have participated three times so far.  To make it onto a team, you have to knit the first pair in 2.5 weeks.  I started this pair the day the pattern was released and finished the day before the deadline (March 3-17).  Funny that they ended up being green socks and I finished them on St. Patrick’s Day.  Anyway, I should make a team, but will probably move on to other projects and just collect the patterns from here on out.  I can never win the competition anyway, since there are knitters on each team who can knit a pair in about 3 days.  I am looking forward to this year’s patterns though.  They seem to be potential colorwork pairs.  We don’t know what the patterns are until each one is released, so who knows.

SM8 - Brucie

Until next time…Cheers

2 thoughts on “Done and Done – Tardis and Sock Madness 8

  1. LOVE both pairs! The TARDIS socks turned out great and the green socks… Well they’re adorable and green is my favorite color. There is no bad here. 🙂

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