Pattern Tester

Two weeks ago I was given a pattern to test sew for the lovely folks at Sweet Briar Sisters.  The pattern was quite easy and turned out so adorable (at least I think so).

Gerald the Giraffe

As luck would have it, I needed a gift for a baby shower anyway, so Gerald is now in a new family waiting for his baby owner to arrive. 

In other news, as we move out of college basketball season (see photo below for a photo of one of my favorite coaches from last night’s game) into college baseball season, I can now reveal that I purchased season tickets for Scott (and me) as his Valentines present. 

Frank Martin - University of South Carolina Head Coach

He was very surprised and that made me happy.  We have a new baseball coach this year and he really seems to be on top of his game.  He has successfully huddled with the umpires in three separate games, which resulted in three overturned calls.  Sonny Galloway really seems to know his rulebook and how to make the fans happy.  From what I understand, when he was hired, he came in, saw the facilities and said something like “this won’t do.”  Changes started to take effect after that.  The home bullpen used to be behind a giant wall (think green monster).  It now has a long rectangular window/section removed so that the players in the bullpen can watch (be involved in) the game and the fans can see who is in the bullpen warming up, etc.  Apparently, the locker rooms got upgrades, too.  I know the fan seating got some minor but special details added (see photo of my seat below).  It is a nice touch.  Makes me feel like my money was appreciated 🙂

My AU baseball seat for the season

Not much else to say today.  Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Pattern Tester

  1. Love the giraffe! So cute! Special gift for Scott…the gifts that is given with some personal thought is so much more appreciated (at least for me).

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