First and Last

The last thing I worked on in 2013 and the first thing I finished in 2014 is this belated Christmas gift for Scott.  He asked me to make it for him a few months ago and I have been working on it (when he was not around) ever since.  It came off the scroll bars today and should be framed soon.  I draped it across a pillow to take the photo, so it doesn’t look quite square, but it is 🙂  The pattern came from Just Cross Stitch Halloween Special Edition 2013.  I used the digital version of magazine for the chart.  Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Poe - Completed

5 thoughts on “First and Last

    • Thanks! The only thing I had problems with was the top part of the poem. Since the stitching was done on evenweave fabric, the poem stitches are quarter cross stitches. Almost made me go blind. (well, that and I need a new prescription for my eyes anyway…) Enjoy the pattern, it is quite easy. I look forward to seeing yours completed in 2014 🙂

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