New Projects and Fun Sewing

Hopefully, I can snap a progress photo of the Celtic Family Christmas in the next few days to share with you.  I am making great progress these days on this particular project.  One of the main reasons I am stitching so fast and with such ease is this new frame Scott constructed for me.







I came up with the (very) basic design on paper (my iPad) and he made the whole thing in one day.  It is absolutely amazing and truly the very best floor stand for cross stitch and embroidery I have ever seen or used.  I hope to paint it one day, but for now it is in service every day in my living room.  I don’t have detailed instructions or plans for the construction of the stand, but if you would like to assemble one for yourself, hopefully I have provided enough photos for you to get a good idea of the pieces we used.  We just winged it on the height and angles for the supports.  There are only a couple of pieces that are “glued” together.  The rest of the piping is all just snugly hammered in place.  We did this so that if I ever wanted to take it with me on a trip, I could just disassemble it and put it all in a bag.  If you have any specific questions about it, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer.

Last week, I also finished some fun sewing.  Friends of ours had their triplets (2 girls and 1 boy) early two weeks ago and, thankfully, all are doing well.  All of them are under 3 pounds, but amazingly healthy for that size and growing daily.  I was able to finally complete the third quilt top for the third baby last week.  It is being quilted now.  Yay!


We were happy to hear the good news, however, while our friends were in Birmingham dealing with this situation, their next door neighbors (literally here in Auburn), were also having their baby at almost term in the same hospital in Birmingham.  Their baby had many health issues and only lived about half an hour once she was born.  This was sad news and gave me the opportunity to make a special Tiny Treasures gown for them.  Her service is next week.  I always have mixed emotions about making these gowns, as I know that most of the time they are going to a family for the burial of the infant and that is sad, however, I really hope that the gowns give some peace and comfort to the family knowing that their child is cared for and loved by others.


Finally, I was able to complete the white shirt I started for myself many moons ago.  It fits perfectly and I know I will be making more of this pattern in various colors in the future.



Well, that’s enough news for now.  Happy Sewing and Fair Winds!! D

4 thoughts on “New Projects and Fun Sewing

  1. I love the stand! Aren’t we such lucky ladies to have these crafty/handy guys! Your shirt is my most favorite kind. I am looking forward to a little free time to make me some new clothes. The quilt is so pretty and they are lucky parents. So sad about the baby. Maybe your gown will give some solace.

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