Family Time

I haven’t said much about the kids moving back to Auburn, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been enjoying them immensely.  We have been able to see William play soccer (and score 8 goals on his own), watch Luke learning to talk up a storm, and attend various events in Auburn.  Last week we went to the AWESOME Ole Miss vs. Auburn football game.

Auburn v. Ole Miss

We really enjoyed being with Sara and William and the game was one of the great ones in recent history.

Sometime last week, I snapped this shot of Ebby and Scott during our nightly tv time.  This is how she likes to sit with him.  She turned 5 yesterday and I just can’t believe we have had her that long.

Scott and Ebby

And, great news to share….Scott worked hard yesterday trying to get the car door to open on the damaged Saturn.  He got it open, so now we don’t have to crawl in from the passenger’s side in order to drive the car.  Now I have to go and re-do the “window” plastic.  While he was trying to pry the door open, we figured out that, at some point, the thing that was making it impossible to open was the amazing duct tape job I did on the window initially.  I’m so glad I live in the South, where it is acceptable to liberally use duct tape for everything!!

Next post: Beaded dress progress…

One thought on “Family Time

  1. Great pic, Grandma! Wow…are you sure that Ebby is five already? That just can’t be right. I still think you did a classy job with the duct tape on your car and it must have been a good one since you couldn’t open the door. 🙂

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