Meanwhile Back at the Farm…

Am I the only one who loves to watch movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (CCBB) and My Fair Lady while stitching?  I love these classics!  Although, I wish Netflix would stream more Fred Astaire.  Also, people seem to think that the 2+ hour “epic” movie is a new thing.  It is not.  Anyway, while I was watching the 2 1/2 hour CCBB movie, I worked on (and completed) the first panel of the second dress.  Here are the results.

Red beads

The smocking for this whole order is not quite halfway done, but I’m getting close.  I figured out that the green beaded panel took 24 hours of stitching (that is total stitching time).  So, that one took about 4-5 days to complete.  This red beaded one took 2-3 days.  So, for these two dresses, I am looking at another 7-10 days of smocking time.  Then I have to smock the bishop dress.  Whew, every year I say I am not going to do this order again, and every year I do it anyway.  Next year, somebody stop me, please!!

Totally unrelated topic…our Saturn.  Unfortunately, our Saturn was parked in the wrong place at the wrong time and Scott backed into it with his mother’s (huge) truck.  He did not see the Saturn, since it sits so bloody low to the ground, but the thud and noise was unmistakable.  The driver side door will not open now and the window shattered. No one was hurt.

I replaced the window with heavy duty plastic from Hobby Lobby and some paint splat duct tape.  Hey, it still runs and now has more character than before.  Unfortunately, to go anywhere, you have to climb in from the passenger’s side and drive thrus are a thing of the past 😦

We are looking for another vehicle, but will probably keep the Saturn anyway, since it does still work in a pinch.  Good thing we are both still flexible in our old age 🙂

Here are the before and after shots.  Giggle if you must, but it beats walking from Beauregard to Auburn!




3 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back at the Farm…

  1. Wow! You are going to have some tired fingers before you get done with those panels. But, I really do like the new “classy” look of the car. Gotta love people who know how to handle life in a pinch! 🙂

  2. See if there’s isn’t a junk yard (or a U Pull & Pay) for a replacement door. Taking the panel apart shouldn’t be too difficult, and it beats turning it in for a hit against your car insurance.

    • Yes, we thought about the junk yard idea. My husband is not terribly good with tools, and I am, however, I cannot really manhandle the door, so it stays the way it is for now. The insurance co would just total the car, so we are opting to keep it as a back up vehicle, for when we replace it. My real strategy is to make my husband drive the car enough so that he will get frustrated and buy another vehicle. Don’t tell him I said so… 🙂

      Deborah Fillmer

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