I Have Fallen In The Rabbit Hole!

This time of year is so busy that I don’t even know where to begin.  A repeat customer of mine has requested three dresses and three mens ties for Christmas.  The kicker is that she (as usual) waited to the last minute to order these items and she wants them by the beginning of November so the kids can wear them for photos, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I am thankful for the repeat business, but never happy about having to rush the order every year.

The dresses are to be in Hunter Green this year and here is the smocking on the first dress (beaded).  This is why I have not posted lately…

Martha's Dress #1

In between, I have been making baby gifts and preemie gowns for Etsy orders.




Remember the hail storm we had much earlier this year?  Well, we finally have a new roof.  The roofers have been very busy in our area for many months.  Here is our pretty new roof 🙂  (Edited to say that the first photo is the old roof and the second one is the new color.  We like it a lot better!!)



Last, but not least, my grandsons just had their 8th and 2nd birthdays.  We celebrated with gifts and family time.


Have a great week!!

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