The Beach, Beasts, and Celtic Family – One Week of Stitching

Last week we took a quick trip down to Perdido Key to celebrate my Mother-in-Law’s birthday with her.  I think Ebby had the best time of all of us.



This beautiful lady came to visit this week.  I think she/he had just gotten her wings, as she was doing more walking than flying.

New Wings


Speaking of flying, this little guy (definitely a male) attempted to fly through my 2nd story window.  He fluttered down to the patio, stunned, but not broken.  I was able to hold him and pet him for about 20 minutes before putting him safely under a wagon where he could recover.  It only took a few more minutes and he was back up in the tree, safe and sound.

Redbellied Woodpecker Baby Boy

This chart is a breeze and I am thrilled.  Here is one week of stitching progress.  I won’t post progress shots weekly, but just wanted to put up a starting benchmark.


2 thoughts on “The Beach, Beasts, and Celtic Family – One Week of Stitching

  1. Ebby looks so cool! I knew she was a little diva but this just proves it, LOL! Pretty butterfly. Glad the bird was safe. You and Scott look like you had a good time. Beautiful start to your cross stitch. And I think a weekly (biweekly? monthly?) picture update would be a great idea!

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