Thrift Store Jackpot or Who Wants Cookies?

Yesterday, I took a break from sewing and such to go shopping.  There were so many things we needed…and I had to do the obligatory Wal-mart run anyway…and the thrift store was right there…  So, shopping I went.  If you have read my blog, or have known me for any length of time, you know that I LOVE to shop at thrift stores.  I seriously will not (and can not) pay retail for clothing, not to mention all the other cool items that I can find to repurpose or upcycle there.  My mother and I shared this passion when she was alive and so it is a sentimental experience to boot.

Anyway, yesterday was no exception.  All told, I came home with 13 pieces of clothing (including 3 pair of jeans) for $30.  As if that was not awesome enough, I managed to come across a brand new light fixture for my ceiling fan in my sewing room (something that was on my list for Home Depot) for $3 and various other items, picture frames and such, for another $8.  The icing on the cake (or in this case cookies), though, was this:

Thrift Store Jackpot

101 Cookie Cutters

The box had all 101 cutters and it was so much fun to look at them all.  I suppose there will be some cookie baking going on around here soon 🙂

Do you shop at thrift stores?  If so, why and what have you scored lately?

3 thoughts on “Thrift Store Jackpot or Who Wants Cookies?

  1. You know I love stalking the thrift stores, LOL! Books! We check out the books every time we get the chance. DVD’s for the grand-babies. Clothes. Purses. Egads, EVERYTHING (except shoes and undies – just don’t go there). Got the best little coffee grinder for next to nothing. Love to keep the retailers from getting all those profits and keeping these items out of the landfills!

  2. We became dedicated thrift store shoppers 15 years ago, and my kids are very adept shoppers now! Great deals are a little hard to come by, since our area has had 2 major wildfires in 2 years, but it will eventually bounce back. Those fires burnt up a lot of stuff that might have been donated, and with people needed to set up temp. housing while they rebuild, they’re buying up what ever’s affordable. That’s OK — I have 2 of everything.

    I will confess to a cookie cutter obsession — but rarely use them for cookies! We make home made play-dough or you can dip them in paint for kid designed t-shirts, among other things. Enjoy!

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