Candy Curtains and Various WIPs

Last week I cleared off the top ledge of the cabinet in the kitchen and boxed up all the knick-knacks that were taking up space and collecting dust.  Two ivy houseplants took the place of the “memory items” and I am hoping the ivy will eventually grow down the side of the cabinet.  Time will tell.  Anyway, one of the “memory items” that was up on the ledge was a crystal bowl filled with glass blown candies.  My mother and I purchased these candies many years ago and they looked beautiful when displayed in the crystal bowl around the holidays.  Times change though, and I was looking at them thinking how much I loved the glass (one of my favorite things is blown glass items) and, unlike the seashells that were up there, I did not want to box these up and put them out of sight.  So after some thought, I came up with a Candy Curtain of sorts.

I wanted to hang them in the window somehow, so I could see them and they could catch the light.  Fishing line seemed the logical choice of hanging material and so I got to work.  I looped the line around each candy piece end and crimped the loop together with crimp beads, spacing the candies apart by about 6-8″.  I was not precise in this measurement, because I did not want a garden row effect in my window, if you know what I mean.  Here is the idea and the result.

Creating a Candy Curtain

Glass Candy

This week’s sewing for Arwen’s Child is a dress I started on several months ago and then stashed away.  It is time for this lovely dress to head for the shop.  Finished photos to come, but for now, here is a status shot.

Close up of blue daisy dress smocking.

Have a lovely day!!  Deborah

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