Hummingbirds and Fly Overs

This week’s home post is all about things that fly.  Over the past two weeks, we have lost two of our most loved standing dead pines.  One of these trees was over 40 feet tall and the other was around 25.  These trees have housed an untold number of woodpecker broods.  Sadly, with the storms we have been having this summer the result seems like it was inevitable.

On a brighter note, our two oldest nephews were able to take their first single engine plane flights this past week.  One of them has already expressed his intention to get his pilot’s license as soon as possible.  While they were up there, they were able to do a fly over of the farm, complete with photos.  We can see the farm on Google Earth, but this is a different perspective and really shows the area around our house quite well.  Our house is in the top right 1/4 and our driveway runs from the house all the way out the left side of the photo.  We have a long driveway…

The Fillmer Farm

Last week I went to a pre-sale for a yard sale the my friend was having to raise money for her upcoming mission trip to Uganda.  I was able to get a few nifty things for around the house, but the thing I scored that I like the most is the new hummingbird feeder below.  The hummers LOVE it and that makes me happy.  The feeder hangs about 6″ away from the window, so I was able to get these lovely shots.





One thought on “Hummingbirds and Fly Overs

  1. Hate you lost your trees. We have lost several to the drought and tornadoes. Three of our biggest pines just couldn’t hold out till we got these rains. But the hummingbird feeder will bring you such little beauties! Love those little guys!

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