Knitting Lessons

For a few months I have been meeting with my niece on Monday mornings to teach her how to knit.  Her first project was, as most are, a washcloth.  She finished that up pretty quickly and moved on to the next project which included yarn overs and decreases.  She memorized the lacy pattern for the scarf and that was all it took.  This scarf is for a friend of hers that has been in the hospital with cancer, I believe.

Abby and her finished lace scarf

This Monday, she started her third project, a hat.  My niece has 9 siblings and she will probably be knitting items for them for a very long time.  This first hat is for one of her sisters.  Knitting in the round was not hard for her to grasp.  The only tragedy was that she had knit about 4-6 inches of the hat and was ready to begin decreasing the crown, when disaster struck.  Her youngest sister (18 months old and not the one the hat is for, thank goodness) got into her knitting box and completely unraveled the entire hat.  Once her anger subsided, she started over and the hat is back on track.  I guess it was a good lesson all the way around, albeit a painful one.

If you are desperate for a serious sugar rush, try making these.

Vanilla Heaven

I got the recipe through Pinterest.  Imagine vanilla pudding on sugar steroids with a butter cake crust.  I can only eat a couple of bites at a time.  It is delicious!!

2 thoughts on “Knitting Lessons

  1. Tell your niece that it’s just a rite of passage that a project gets unraveled. It happens to all knitters at some point. She did such a beautiful job on the scarf! Love seeing young ones learn the art of knitting!

    • I know…when it happened, I thought “well, that is part of the knitting lesson/process.” But it is difficult to convey that to a 12 year old without sounding uncaring…LOL She knows how to tink and frog as well, so she is learning fast.

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