Bring on the Backstitching and a Poll

Did I ever post the photo of my latest Halloween cross stitch?  The pattern is called “A Spirited Mandala.”  The photo is not the greatest.  The background cloth is actually a very pretty orange…  Anyway, I completed this one about a month ago and LOVE it!  I have to frame it soon, because my favorite time of year is just around the corner again!!

A Spirited Mandala

This week I have another set of photos for you to show you the progress on this dragon piece.  Next week I will be beginning the back-stitching and will probably wait until it is complete to post photos again.  In the meantime, I need you all to help me decide which chart to work on next.  See the photos below and please vote in the poll.

Before After

Now for the fun.  Please, please, please vote in my poll.  Even though you may read and not comment, I really need you to vote for which chart I do next.  I plan to do both of these charts, but am only going to do one at a time.

Celtic Christmas

This is a splice together of two separate charts.  That is pretty obvious from the different backgrounds.  I Photoshopped the two photos together to make one super large scene.  There is a father figure present as well, but it was too much of a pain to Photoshop him in, so use you imagination…  I plan to eliminate the words at the bottom as well.

The Wedding

This one is a single chart and would probably be put away for a gift after I complete the stitching.  Who knows, the scene is so beautiful, I may just eliminate the words and frame it upon completion for myself…

Here is the poll:

Thanks Everyone!!!!

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