Bubbles and Mushrooms

This week’s home post is one I have been waiting a long time to post.  We delivered Jonathen and Keri’s housewarming quilt to them this week.  They loved it and I was thrilled.

Reading the Label

They Love It!!

Funny story about this quilt.  J and K went on a date night about 3 months ago and they posted to FaceBook that they were having fun blowing bubbles.  They even posted a photo.  That happened to be the same night I had already named this quilt “Bubbles.”  Coincidence?  Not a chance!

Finally, here is a random photo for you to enjoy.  We have had so much rain lately that this was growing alongside our driveway yesterday.  This is quite possibly the most beautiful mushroom I have ever seen and it is HUGE (at least 10 inches tall)!!  Does anyone know what the name of this particular mushroom is?


One thought on “Bubbles and Mushrooms

  1. Such a lovely house warming gift! Nothing is quite like a handmade gift. For both the getter and the giver. It will keep them warm in body and heart. You are such a good friend.

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