T-shirt Quilts

This week’s sewing post is about t-shirt quilts.  You would probably not be surprised to learn that s t-shirts take up a lot of space.  When you have a family that likes sports, it is even worse.  Remember this post?  Now that I have the space in my sewing room to work on them, it is time to get these t-shirt quilts completed.  First up is Scott’s memory quilt.

Scott's Quilt Pieces

The process for making these quilts is pretty simple.  The object is to get the t-shirt pieces into blocks that are all the same size.  I chose a 15″ square, since I have a 15″ square acrylic rotary ruler, this made it easy to cut them all the same size.  Some of the t-shirts (and sweat shirts) I cut to size.  There were some shirts and baseball caps that I cut off the logos only.  These pieces I sewed into small squares or rectangles that I then pieced together into 15″ squares.  This made most of the blocks self-sashed and then it was just a matter of sewing the 15″ squares together.  After the squares were sewn together, I sewed the border on the entire quilt and now it is ready for quilting.  The most fun of this particular quilt was letting Scott lay out the blocks in the order he wanted them.  He kept saying things like “Hey, my little league shirt.”  It was fun to see him with his memories.

Scott's T-shirt Qulit Assembled

There are more t-shirt quilts to come.  Fun, fun, fun!!

One thought on “T-shirt Quilts

  1. To neat! One of the things I always loved about quilts was the memories that they bring back. Mom made all my dresses so I had lots of memories in quilts!

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