Notice Anything Odd?

Last Wednesday, we went to Birmingham (UAB’s Kirkland Clinic) for my 6 month MRI and doctor visit.  We have been going every 6 months since my first hospitalization in 2010.  They have done CT scans, MRIs, and even a liver biopsy.  Since diagnosed with Caroli’s Disease, in 2010, the visits have all been focused on making sure that the spots they were seeing on my liver were not cancer.  This visit, the doctor was comfortable enough with the “non-change” of the spots that he has now moved my MRI appointments to once a year.  Yay, no cancer and less time at the doctor.  It was a good day.

While we were in Birmingham, we dropped off 6 quilts to be quilted by Scott’s aunt, Barbara.  Five of these I have already shown you, but here is the one I finished the day before we left as a present for a friend.  I hope to have it back in June to give to my friend as a housewarming present.  I am calling it Bubbles.  There is a post upcoming about it’s construction…stay tuned for that.


Today, I was assembling another UFO started by someone else and could not understand why the pattern pieces were not quite fitting together properly.

Dress #2 - UFO

There is a front yoke, back yokes, Peter Pan collar and facings…all the usual suspects were there.  They just weren’t clicking together quite like they should.  So, I decided to take a closer look at the pattern pieces.  Lo and behold, I found the problem.  Can you spot it?

What is wrong with this picture?

Problem now solved and pattern pieces altered, the dress should be complete in the next day or two.  Photos coming soon…

5 thoughts on “Notice Anything Odd?

  1. So very glad your Dr visit went well. This is such wonderful news! Love the quilt top. Cute name. Pattern pieces from McCalls won’t quite fit a Simplicity pattern exactly, LOL! Sounds like something it would take me forever to figure out, but was right in front of me all the time. 🙂

  2. Ha! I know who started this. It was my mom, Virginia Edwards. I recognized the fabric, then looked closer at the handwriting on the pattern. You’ll see my girls’ names, Lena and Mere (short for Meredith.) She’d often combine patterns to customize the outfits. My girls outgrew this before she got it finished. You might have more of her project starts. I’m glad they’ve found a way to your hands. Mom will be happy to hear you are finishing what she started.

    • No way! Did you see the yellow one in the previous post? That was her’s too!! I have three of these UFOs from her and several patterns. My Mother-in-law goes to the same church (and perhaps Bible study) as your mom. That is where the patterns came from. I can’t believe you recognized the patterns as your mother’s. Awesome

  3. Daughter Candy sent me your blog! Glad you were able to get the pieces in right order. You mom just told me this morning that you were finishing the dresses I started for my granddaughters and they out grew them before I was finished. Good for you!!!

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