The Green Dresses, Blue Dress, and Other Assorted Projects

Every time I think about sitting down and telling you all about my latest projects, I get distracted by another project.  This year has started off as busy as ever with year end reports for work and tutor evaluations, etc.  In the little spare time I have had I have been completing orders and planning new projects.  The first order completed this year was a set of green (flower girl) dresses for an Etsy customer.

Green Dresses

Green Dresses Close-up

Immediately after completing that order, I had to quickly turn aound another blue heirloom dress for another order.  The start of this order was delayed a bit by the flu bug I caught in December.  Having made the dress 4 times before, it was not too difficult to quickly complete another one.

Blue Easter Dress

My Etsy listing for preemie gowns has been getting a lot of traffic this month, as well.  I have completed and shipped three so far for 2013.

Preemie Gown

We received a surprise belated present from my aunt in Texas.  It seems that my maternal grandmother (the one who I owe all my fiber art talent to) crocheted this piece for us several years ago.  She was apparently waiting to give it to us until she had it properly framed.  My aunt was able to persuade her to part with it and go ahead and send it as it was.  I purchased a frame and solid, uncut mat and framed it myself.  We love it!  I am so grateful that we are able to have it hanging in our home where it belongs.

Crocheted Fillmer Nameplate

Finally, I used my Amazon gift card from my boss to purchase this little gadget of joy.  It is a foot massager and it works great!!

Foot Massager

I have several projects in the works now that I will post about soon and I was thinking about posting about my next dress project in a step by step fashion.  A follow along project, if you will…we will see.

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