Christmas 2012 on The Farm

This year culminates in a long awaited visit from Bryan and his family for the Christmas holiday. We have been looking forward to having them visit for many months. Unfortunately, the visit will only be for two nights, so there won’t be a lot of time to just hang out together and visit. It was nice to pull out the decorations, many of which we have not seen in years. In fact, the last time we hung stockings was before Bryan was married, so this year I had to make a stocking for Sara and William. I ran out of time to make one for Luke, due to the flu bug, but he will have a filled store bought one this year anyway.

They should arrive sometime tomorrow and we will be attending Christmas Eve service at our church tomorrow evening. Tomorrow is the day we are taking our filled food bank boxes to the church for the drive. We decided to fill three boxes and I really like the way the church is doing the distribution this year. Last year members of our church took the boxes out into the community in January and delivered them directly to people who were deemed to be “in need.” This year, all the boxes are going to the community food pantry and the food will be used to stock their shelves for quite a while. Nice!

Is anybody out there?

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