It’s Complicated

My Thanksgiving post for this year is a hodge podge of things that may or may not be related.  Speaking of relations, my father, stepmother, and step-niece came for a visit from Dallas for the holiday.  I am so thankful that they took the time and energy to make the 15 hour trek out here to see our home and visit with us for a couple of days.

They are from Dallas and, as far as sports go, they are Cowboys fans (more or less).  While they were here, we were able to expose them to the finer points of SEC football and what being a “fan” really means.  Saturday, we watched the Auburn/Alabama game in which the Tigers were slaughtered and then the entire coaching staff was fired.  Yes, college football can be brutal.  We talked about many things, but since it was rivalry week, we spent a lot of time talking about college teams and various rivalries.

When they got back to their hotel, they sent us this photo.

Now, if you are a college football fan, you will know what is wrong with this picture.  However, this picture means so much to me because they were thinking about us and took the time to stop and take a photo for us that they thought would best commemorate the day. They remembered that my two favorite teams are Texas and Auburn.  Never-mind whether they got the two schools mixed up, I LOVE this photo!  Thanks Dad and Shirley!

Here is another photo I really like.

This photo was taken at church.  Scott was introduced in the church newsletter for his new position as the business administrator and they used this photo.  I really like it!

Finally, here is Ebby enjoying the remnants of the holiday ham.  She is never spoiled 🙂

Not much else to report here, except that I have three dress orders and loads of Christmas gifts to finish up in the next three weeks.  We are hoping to cut our own tree this year.  Stay tuned to see how that goes…

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