Holiday Dresses for 2012

Hello there, remember me?  Poor neglected blog…  I have been super busy with a Holiday dress order from the same customer that I made the Easter dresses for earlier this year.  She ordered 4 dresses for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays for the same 4 daughters.  You will recognize the photo set up for the dresses, but the dresses themselves are quite different.  This order was for smocked and embroidered dresses in a deep wine color, where the Easter order was for heirloom embroidered dresses with large collars and lace.  I loved doing this order because this customer lets me know what she has in mind and then she leaves it to me to come up with something special.  Here is what I came up with.

The bishop dress was based on the Cherié pattern from AS&E issue #44 and the size 14 dress was based on the Angel pattern from AS&E issue #88.  The two middle dresses were basic full smocked yokes with embroidery.  All 4 dresses were smocked or embroidered with pinks and gold filament, usually twisted together.  The size 4 and 14 dresses are beaded within the smocking design as well.

What do you think?

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