Preemie Gowns

Took a break today from the Easter dresses to complete another preemie gown.  I am sending these gowns to a hospital in South Miami who will use them as keepsakes and burial gowns for the infants that are lost each year.  The hospital averages 5-15 per month.  I can’t make that many, but I can do whatever I can to make the parent’s loss more bearable.  The pattern for this dress came from Threads of Love.

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6 thoughts on “Preemie Gowns

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  3. These are very beautiful and I am wondering if you send to Canada at all and if it is possible to obtain some? We are a small city in the south of Alberta and have about 20 or more stillbirths a year and I am having trouble finding paterns or clothes for these parents and babies. Thank you for your good work. Gloria

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