Week Twenty Eight – Jonita’s Rabbit

This week was busy, but I worked on various things with only one finished object to show.  Remember last week when I showed Mom’s rabbits?  Well, Scott said “why don’t you make one for Jonita?”  I thought about it and quickly realized that a traditional rabbit, like I had made so many times before, would just not be right for her.  She needs her own special rabbit.  Let me explain.  Jonita is a little girl in Uganda that Scott and I sponsor.  I may have mentioned this before, but we give a set amount each month and this provides a uniform, a meal a day, and the ability for her to attend school.  We correspond with her and Scott will be meeting her in person for the first time in about a week when he takes his first trip to Buloba.  One of the things that several Caucasian people have told us, when they have returned from these mission trips, is that many of the kids over there will take you by the hand and with their other hand, they will try to rub off the white of your skin.  We found this funny at first then quickly realized that they weren’t kidding.  Apparently, it is a fascination for some of them.

So, back to the story of Jonita’s rabbit.  I don’t know if Jonita is one of these “fascinated” children or not, but I certainly can not send over a stark white rabbit for her.  She needs to have a rabbit more like her and I am seriously ashamed to say that this is actually the first rabbit of color that I have ever made.  It was fun, but a challenge.  I had to rethink the facial features, since the traditional black eyes would not show up on her.  I think she turned out pretty good.  I really hope Jonita will like her.  What say you?


Quote of the week: “All my possessions for a moment of time.” ~ Queen Elizabeth I

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