Week Twenty – Hodge Podge

Nothing exactly concrete to show for this week.  I have gathered together all the costumes, ironed and cleaned up the frills.  I even added more bling to my red skirt in hopes that the swirling and sparkle might catch the judges eyes and we might have a shot at winning this year.  Ha, not!  Anyway, here is a question, have you ever tried to iron a petticoat?  Not an activity that I would want to do often!

I did receive an awesome new t-shirt that I bought last week.

And, also in the mail, a fabulously decorated tatting shuttle that I won from entering a contest on the Lace Lovin Librarian’s blog.  Not only did she send the shuttle, but she included two balls of thread.  Cool!  If you are interested in tatting, I recommend following her blog.  She does great work and makes pretty shuttles, too.

That is about all for this week.  Next week’s post should be a big one from the Polka Festival.  Have a great Memorial Day!

In lieu of a quote of the day, I leave you with my favorite cartoon of all time:



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