Week Fifteen – Calm and Still Here

Well, after all of last week’s good news I was really hoping that I would not get hit by a truck or struck by lightening this week to even things out.  We did have a strong storm blow through but, thankfully, no real damage to speak of.  This week has been calm and quiet.  Spring has sprung and everything is growing and blooming.  I am waiting for the release of the pattern for round 4 of Sock Madness and there was some concern on the group about releasing the pattern and competing over the Easter holidays.  So, the moderators are releasing an optional round pattern that does not count for the competition.  After Easter they will release the pattern for round 4 and things will heat up again.

In the meantime, while waiting, I have started on my baby sock adventure.  This is the first trial sock:

I wanted to get a feel for how many cast on stitches it would take and what size the finished sock would be.  This pattern is Garter Stripes Baby Socks and is very simple to do.  The only thing I would change in the pattern is the heel, which was somewhat of a pain, and the toe, which I changed already.  I think the pattern is really cute.  After doing this one I have a much better idea of the specs and will probably be making up some of my own designs for Baby Fillmer in the future.

Quote of the week: Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.  Benjamin Franklin ~ Poor Richard

Is anybody out there?

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