Week Twelve – The Madness Continues

Last week I mentioned the Sock Madness 5 knitting competition that I qualified for.  I neglected to show the completed socks from round one.  In week ten I showed the progress of these socks.  The pattern is Supporter’s Socks and the pattern is very simple, but the result is very nice.  

We received the pattern for round 2 of Sock Madness on Tuesday afternoon (22nd) and I finished 15th out of 45 in my team.  A pair of socks knitted in 5 days, not bad.  Only 37 move on to round 3 and I made it that far.  Yay!  The sock pattern for round 2 is called Nornir and below are mine, complete with my new clear clogs to show them off!  Whoo Hoo!  The pattern has a boat load of slipped stitches and I doubt I will ever make them again, but the final result was nice, albeit a little snug.  The clogs came from Knitter’s Dream.

Now I am back to waiting for the pattern for round 3…only 25 will move on through that round.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Week Twelve – The Madness Continues

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting. Blogger listed you in my SPAM folder, so I tracked down your blog.
    I was very glad to have you visit and was intrigued by YOUR mention of fistula. Then I began reading about your biopsies and such…
    Having had 2 different cancers 3 times, my heart went out to you immediately.
    I’m a former Community College Instructor (Business and Related Technologies) with a BA in Education and Art History. I’m going to be 75 in June; but, I’m very young at heart! LOL
    I’m on FB as Beverly June; you may friend me if you wish. There are tatters groups on FB, too.
    Best wishes for happy knitting and knotting

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