Week Ten – The Unexpected

This week was filled with events that were quite unexpected, here at home and around the world. An earthquake of magnitude 8.9 struck Japan on Friday followed by a Tsunami of unimaginable proportions. The devastation is just horrible. Our hearts go out to those who experienced this tragedy which was quite unexpected. Donate

Closer to home and on a much brighter note, Scott and I both sold our iPads (generation one) on Thursday and then we stood (well, that is me sitting) in line for two hours with a friend on Friday to become two of the first wave of iPad 2 owners in Auburn. It was certainly nothing I had planned on doing and not something I would make a habit of, but it was fun, nonetheless, making new friends in line and chatting with others we already knew.

The only Best Buy in town was shipped 15 units and Scott and I were #4 and #5 in line. How do I like the new one? LOVE IT! It is faster and the transfer of my apps and all my “data” was practically seamless. Awesome job Apple! The only thing I would like to have now is a cover that I like. The new magnetic flap things from Apple just didn’t do it for me and so I went with the complete leather cover from Griffin. I like it well enough, but I think I am going to try my hand at making my own by taking a pattern off of this one. Stay tuned for the progress on that project.

Here is the awesome knit row counter I use on my iPad (and my new iPad).  The counter keeps track of rows, repeats, overall count, etc. and even has alert sounds for key points in the count. It keeps track of multiple projects and has an awesome, great big, green click button. Cool huh?

Speaking of projects, I am so psyched about finishing my Sock Madness, Round One Socks!!

Total number of hours spent knitting this pair will be 27. I can’t believe that I can knit a whole pair of socks in that amount of time. I guess it helps if you take your knitting with you, like I did, to Best Buy. 🙂

The last unexpected thing that hit us this week was that the liver specialist in Birmingham wants to do a biopsy on the one spot that they can’t seem to give me an all clear on.  The MRI results finally came back and they could not give me an all clear on that one spot.  So, I go for a needle biopsy in the next couple of weeks and then we should know for sure.  If it is cancer, the doctor said we talk about transplant sooner than later.  If it is not, liver transplant is still on the horizon, but hopefully the very far distant one.  Either way, transplant seems like the “cure” for it all.  So, I am not really sure what difference it makes when…

Quote of the week: “Did you see the size of that document? It’s like the Declaration of Independence, who’s gonna read that?” Jerry Seinfeld (Season 3, Episode 11)

3 thoughts on “Week Ten – The Unexpected

  1. Deb, I’m so jealous. I want an iPad2. My other half says as long as I have a MacBookPro, I don’t need one ;(
    Remember I worked in Interventional Radiology and DID liver biopsies, so if you need to talk to someone, or have questions or don’t know what to ask, get up with me. I’m not going to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but being the one that actually took care of the patient and scrubbed in with the MD, I may can explain it from a different, more understandable perspective than the MD does.
    Prayers for it to be negative!

  2. Socks are awesome!! …Loving my “new” iPad as well:) Buddy says I have traded him in for the iPad:) Haha…he even came into the living room, blowing a whistle and telling me “times up”!!!! Hahaha…ask me how far that one went!!

    And here’s to the new few weeks to go by quickly as you wait on that appointment…and Praying for good results!

    By the way…..love your polka video and pictures! You are one talented gal!! Your dress was gorgeous…loved the swing of the skirt!! And that blouse…wow!! Just beautiful!!!

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