Week Six – My Valentine

Why do companies today still portray women as airheads in their commercials?  I am so happy for this “holiday” to be over and done with because I am so tired of being told that, as a woman, all I need to feel special is a stuffed teddy bear with my name on it, a set of PINK pajamas, a heart shaped box of chocolates (that, if eaten, will result in only being able to fit into said pajamas), and perhaps a heart shaped piece of jewelry for under $100 (less than one trip to the grocery store).  Ugh!

My valentine created a one of a kind gift for me this year, as he does every year.  This year he blogged about the origins of the “holiday” and drew me a really nifty “card” on his iPad.  All of which you can see here.  He is the only person I could ever think to call my valentine.  He loves me in spite of me and that is really something that no one else has ever managed to do.  I love ya, Sparky!

This week’s creative venture included crafting some hand made chocolates for some of my friends.

I made these by using several different candy molds.  Painting the insides with various types of chocolates and then filling them with caramel, coconut, cashews, or raspberry jelly.  Then covering the backs of the pieces with chocolate again.  Once hardened, I popped them out of the molds and let my valentine taste test each one.  One of the things about not tasting your own cooking is that you don’t always know what goes with what.  The last batch I made was white chocolate roses filled with a coconut mixture.  I forgot that coconut goes better with dark or milk chocolate.  Oh well.  It is still chocolate and he said it would pass.  🙂

Until next week…D (who is very much looking forward to St. Patrick’s and April Fool’s Days!)

Is anybody out there?

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