Week Five – Framed

This week’s post is all about my crafting, specifically cross-stitch.  I was working on my latest cross-stitch this week when I realized just how cumbersome and awkward my frame was.  I have used my lap frame, like this one, for years and it is wonderful if it is set on a table in front of me, but it doesn’t work so well when sitting on the sofa or other chairs.

Then there is the problem of it constantly getting loose and rotating down while you are working on it.  Since I paid big bucks for this frame many years ago, I had used it as long as possible.  This week it was time for a change.

I searched the internet to see what kind of frames were out there now and stumbled upon this one.

Immediately, I thought “wow, what a great solution!”  Then I looked at the price.  I do not have $85 spare change lying around right now, so it was off to Home Depot and the garage to do some wood working.  After spending $10 at Home Depot and about 30 minutes quality time with my bandsaw, I created my own version of this frame.

It has not been sanded down yet, but it works beautifully!

In addition to starting a new, much needed pair of socks and joining up for Sock Madness 2001, that is what I did this week for fun.  What did you do?

Is anybody out there?

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