Week Four // Somebody Likes My Cooking

This week was a fairly busy one, filled with doctors appointments and travel to Birmingham and back.  I did manage to squeeze in a little time for cooking and cross stitch though.  Cooking is not something I do well.  Since I don’t eat anything, no seriously, vegetables and fruit are not even on the radar, I don’t taste or invest time in what I cook.  Therefore, the best things for me to cook are the things that don’t require a lot of attention, and that come pre-measured in a box.  However, for some reason, I still like to collect recipes.  Here is proof:

Now I just have to consolidate these into my iPad with this handy little App so I can use at least a few of them.  The one individual who doesn’t complain or run screaming from my cooking (except for me) is Ebby.  So, this week I made her a batch of Gourmet Doggie Biscuits.  I used Chicken Noodle flavor baby food because she loves chicken.  The next batch will probably be carrots, her second favorite.

She is more of a picky eater than I am and she actually liked them.  Awesome!

On the crafting front, I put the final stitches in the Gorset (Corset) cross stitch pattern I have been working on last night.  I am just tickled with how it turned out!  It is just so adorable.  Now I have to stretch, block and frame it.

This week will be consumed by school, work and the beginnings of a new pair of socks.  Yesterday, I gave my first pair of hand knit socks to Ebby for a toy as I could no longer stand how itchy they had become.  It is a little difficult watching the dog try to tear apart something you spent at least a month creating.  But, they served a purpose and now they serve another.

Till next week…Fair Winds.

One thought on “Week Four // Somebody Likes My Cooking

  1. Deb, I hope things go well at your doctor’s appointments. When I was working, I spent 12 years at Duke, much of that time doing interventional radiology dealing with patients with various liver problems including ideopathic hepatitis and transplant, so I have a pretty good understanding of what you are dealing with.
    As for cooking, have you looked at MacGourmet? I purchased MacGourmet Deluxe after Christmas. I’m loving it…then again, I like to cook. I have a tendency to collect far more recipes than I prepare, though. MacGourmet is a great way to organize and customize them. Check it out.
    Take care. Email me privately if I can help you with sorting out your medical issues or provide you support. 🙂

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