Go Tigers // Auburn University Football Smocking Begins

If you live anywhere in the southeastern United States you probably follow, or at least are aware of the SEC and it’s rival schools.   I thought I would get a jump on things by starting some orange and blue dresses for the fall football frenzy that is Auburn Football.  Below is my first dress for the season and the images are linked to my Etsy shop, in case you want to browse more.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Go Tigers // Auburn University Football Smocking Begins

  1. Ya’ know, Deb, being married to a UK Wildcat football player, mine would need to be a different color :-)…but I MUST say that is adorable and great art work! Good Job!

  2. Eeeee! Okay, that’s beyond adorable. (And I’m not just saying that because orange is my favorite color and I have a soft spot for things feline and smocked.)

    But it’s super, super cute!!

  3. I would love to smock an Aubie for my new grandson…. do you know where I can get one? Where did you get your Go Tigers plate? Thanks!

    • Hi Denise, Unfortunately, the Aubie design is copyrighted, so you can not find a commercially available chart for sale. You could chart your own, or visit the Auburn University Book Store (online), as they do sell the outfits (already smocked in China) with Aubie on them.

      The Go Tigers plate I ordered online, but cannot remember where. You can google it and find it readily available. By making the letters Orange and Blue, you can get the “Auburn” idea across…

      Best of luck,

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