A Very Busy Spring Break // New Toys // Dogs on Thursday

Spring break is a time to flock to the beach, or head to the mountains to ski, or get away to destinations unknown for many people.  For this, not so ancient grandmother, spring break is a time to enjoy a quiet week at home with no school work, exams, or research papers due.  This year, I had one of the most enjoyable spring breaks ever.  I was able to really focus on my new venture and here are the results of my work thus far this week:

There is a matching Bishop style dress in the works for Ella’s little sister Lauren, and both are to be completed in time for Easter.  Photos of both dresses together when they are finished.

Now on to the new toys.  Since I started this venture, I have, naturally, been looking at pleaters.  My experiences with the local shop (see earlier post) have been less than fulfilling and I, also, want to be able to pleat my own garments on the fly.  Enter a friend from church who’s sister was looking for a buyer for her pleater.  Yipee!!  Look at my new baby:

Oh yes, I thought I was just buying the pleater.  I did not know it was already mounted and everything.  I am just tickled pink, or in this case, orange….LOL

Taking a page from the Obama “How to spend without the appearance of spending” reference manual, I was able to save enough money on the pleater by buying it from my friend, that I bought this:

This little old lady (below) is on her way to the shop for a tune up.  I learned to sew on this machine while doing a project for Girl Scouts and it belonged to my mother until she passed away.  Don’t ask the machine’s age, you will be asking mine…

Finally, last, but certainly not least, Ebby was less than thrilled with the St. Patrick’s Day party favors we brought home from the restaurant last night.  Somehow, the camera made her eyes green…She is such a party animal.

That is about all I have for this week.  Of course, Spring Break is not over till Sunday night, so you never know what kind of trouble I can manage between now and then…Fair Winds,  D

One thought on “A Very Busy Spring Break // New Toys // Dogs on Thursday

  1. Oh, I know how old that machine is…I bought one model fancier than that (floor demonstration machine on discount) when I was expecting my first-born. Mine had changeable cogs that governed the “fancy” stitches. Haven’t sewing machines come a long way?

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