Seeking 3 Month Old

Believe it or not, I am in need of a 3 month old baby girl.  No, I am not losing my mind.  I just finished my first item in my new hobby and I need a 3 month old baby girl to model it for me.  I am so excited because it turned out so awesome!  The item is a gift for a friend of mine and I wanted to get some photos of it before I send it off to her.  Anybody know of a little one who would enjoy some part time employment?  I would consider making another one for her for payment.  Let me know…I will post photos here when I get them done…

One thought on “Seeking 3 Month Old

  1. In 7 months I’ll have a 3 month old little girl that would LOVE to come stay with you, Scott and Ebby and be the rock star she’s training to be. 🙂

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