Where Have You Been // I’ve Missed You

Oh my, when I decided to go to graduate school in February of 2009, I knew it would consume my time.  I also knew that I would have to choose between blogging and other things I enjoyed doing.  For the past year knitting and fibery fun won out.  I did not realize is that I would actually miss blogging as much as I have.  I am still in school, a little more than halfway done, and I have a part-time online job now as well.  We moved to Virginia and back to Auburn.  Blazer passed away and Ebby became queen of the house.  There are just so many things I should have blogged about this past year and did not.  So, here I am, blogging again.

I have begun a new, sewing related, fiber obsession.  I can’t disclose the details yet as I am making the first one for a very good friend in Ohio.  But, it is almost finished and then I will have a big reveal post.  Perhaps I will incorporate a prize or two…

In other news, I have been knitting socks like crazy and am halfway finished with my year long Sock Knitter’s Anonymous challenge of one pair per month.  Hand knitted socks are so much more comfortable to wear than store bought!  For my Ravelympics entry I decided to try to finish my Frost Flowers and Leaves Shawl.

Taking a quick look at the days left in the Olympics and the amount I still have to knit on this thing, I will not finish in time.  However, I do think I will have it to a point where it will be better to finish it than not.

So nice to be back, see you soon…Deborah

2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been // I’ve Missed You

  1. That shawl is really beautiful. Maria is right, we have missed hearing from you, but know how busy just graduate school is without adding a part-time job. Best wishes, and do keep us posted when you can. I am trying to take up a sock challenge of my own…along with a few other ones.

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