Shoes for Trade // Yarn Trade Anybody?

Shoes for trade

I am putting these in a post on Ravelry as well, in case anyone there might be interested.  I have three pair of clear shoes that I purchase a while back.  One pair was to be for me, and two others were to be for gifts, when needed.  Problem is, everyone I know has feet my size…big!  All three pair are brand new, never worn and would look great with hand knit socks.  I wear an 8.5 shoe normally, so I bought a size 9 for myself.  Being a tennis shoe type of person, they just didn’t work for me, so I never wore them.  The other two pair are size 7 and 8.  Anyone interested in trading a pair for some yarn or anything else knitting related?

Let me know through the comments page…Thanks

Is anybody out there?

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