My Name is William

Hello everyone, my name is William and I am three years old.  My Nana is super busy taking care of me this week, so I thought I would help her out and do some guest blogging.  We had a great time at the National Polka Festival this year and when it was over Nana and Popo brought me back to their house in Alabama.  So far, in two short days, I have managed to drive Da’s tractor, play on 2 awesome playgrounds, trek through the woods at the park, shoot Nana and Popo with water guns, play with Ebby and Blazer, go out for pizza and my favorite meal, chicken fries.  We also managed to do lots of shopping, including a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a shovel and pail set for my trip to the beach tomorrow.  Just a side note here for mommy and daddy, potty training is going great and I think diapers are for babies…  Here are a few photos of our busy past two days.

Driving my Da on the tractor.

Tractor driving is second nature to me!

Hurry up Nana!

Turtles and Fish and Ducks, Oh My!

Slides are awesome!

Hopefully, if I can find time, I will post again with photos of my sand castle building and ocean swimming adventure…stay tuned…


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