I just finished my last final.  The first semester is over and I can’t believe it went by so fast!  You know I was really busy because there were virtually no blog posts.  The second semester begins Monday May 11.  Two classes down, many more to go.  My summer semester has three classes in it, two in the first 8 weeks and one in the last 8 weeks.

The two starting on Monday are Church History II (Protestant Reformation to Present Day) and Church Administration.  It is a little strange to be taking these “core” classes again.  Just like in undergraduate work, you have to take a very wide variety of courses at first and then in your last years gradually specialize in something.  I really don’t think Church Administration is going to be my specialty, but who knows…

This semester’s courses were enlightening and very different.  The Discipleship class was relatively easy and required a lot of opinion writing.  The Church History I was a bear!  I loved the class, but the trick (or poorly written) questions on the test really chapped my @**.  Add to that a research paper on Constantine that I don’t think I narrowed down enough in scope and I am dreading seeing the final grade.  However, I have even learned from this experience.  I learned to be extra vigilant in my note taking and start my research for my paper earlier in the future.

Learning is painful sometimes, but always worth it in the end.

2 thoughts on “Finals

  1. Ahhh…how well I remember the beginning of my journey to a bachelor’s degree. The future looms ahead of you like an endless trail of hills and valleys, but you will get through it.

    Celebrate the end of each session. Enjoy the few days off you have, and then grit your teeth and dig in for another harrowing round of homework, papers, and exams.

    The reward is SO worth it (I can say this even as I continue to hunt for a teaching job). Walking across that stage was priceless.

  2. Whouf – it’s always “fun” when it starts. I remember wondering why the *heck* I had to take statistics when all I cared about was marketing and business law. (As it turns out, it’s so I can speak to the statisticians and make them talk back in English.)

    Enjoy your three days off!

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