Getting The Hang Of Things // Week Two Was Not As Scary

Week two is “in the books” and, although it is still way too early to tell how I will do overall, it is looking promising. At the moment I am maintaining a 95% average in all my classes. No tragedies yet and I even survived my first exam. This week I completed one essay, 4 discussion board discussions, four hours of lectures, hours of reading and an exam. It seems that organization and time management are key to this process.

I think next week I will tell you all a little more about each class in detail. Perhaps you guys can give me some feedback along the way.

On the knitting front, I have begun the final push on the body of the Civil War Shawl. There are about 10 more rows to go before I can actually begin the never ending border. Yay!! I am trying to knit a little every day in an effort to stay connected with the world outside my studies.

This coming Thursday we are going camping, hopefully, and I will get some photos posted of Ebby. We just got a HUGE tent and so it should be fun setting it up for the first time. I’ll let you know…

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment if you have a minute…

2 thoughts on “Getting The Hang Of Things // Week Two Was Not As Scary

  1. Sounds like classes are going well for ya. Good Job!
    You are right to make a little time each day to knit. Especially when I’m very busy; I find knitting keeps me calm and grounded.
    I would love to see your Civil War Shawl. You’ll have to post some pics. I have it in my queue Wish List to use for a table skirt for a side table in one of our bedrooms.
    Can’t wait to see ‘Camping Ebby’. Don’t let any critters get her!

  2. My psychology professor taught us that we should take a study break after two hours. It seems that at that point you no longer store short-term memory. If you have to keep on studying, you can gain some by changing topics (classes). Personally, I think this is a fine application of the therapeutic value of knitting. (See – it’s for my schoolwork!)

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