Week One Is History // A Master In The Making

The first week of school is under my belt and I have to say it made me feel like this:

Three papers, two discussion board conversations, and loads of reading had me running around like a crazy woman all week.  Learning the Greek alphabet, the history of the early church, and what is expected of a person who wishes to be a true disciple of Christ, and writing a paper about all three in one week was exhausting.

I am actually looking forward to my exam next week.  I have always been better at taking exams than writing papers.  So, next week will be one exam, one paper, and two discussion boards…I’ll let you know how it goes!  Let me how you like the posts on this topic.  I hope to post more detailed information about my classes as I work through them.  But for now, I’m too tired and am going to bed!  Fair Winds

Do I look any smarter?

Do I look any smarter?

3 thoughts on “Week One Is History // A Master In The Making

  1. Your brain must hurt! I love hearing about whatever you are doing. I’d love to know more about what made you decide to go back to school and your choice of study.

  2. Man! You have to be tired! Keep up the good work. We are here if you need us. And please keep us up to date on where you are in your studies.

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