In The Beginning

Today I received an email that stated

“There are only four graded assignments: a short essay due at the end of week 1, a 12-15 page research paper, a midterm exam, and a final exam.”

and another that read

“You are required to post an initial 250 word response (thoughtful, articulated, defensable) to the week’s question by midnight Wednesday. You must then make at least two followup post to one of your classmates’ posts by Sunday midnight. Please make all posts in the forum and do not attach files. A good initial post will earn you a 75-80%, two good follow-up posts can earn you up to 20% More. Initial posts of less than 250 words will be marked down, also posts such as “I agree,” “good point,” “amen brother” will not receive credit. ”

You should be selecting now your book for review (due week 6) and your research paper topic.

These statements came from professor emails in two of my three classes that I am starting in less than a week.  I haven’t heard from the third professor thus far, but the load from that class should be about the same as above.  Have I mentioned that this is an 8 week semester?  Classes start Monday, March 16th.    Whee…..

3 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. Oh boy…did your words…errrr…the professors’ words…bring back memories. As a recent college graduate of online classes, I saw those words many, many times. Good luck to you!!

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