A Whole New Chapter

For the past month or two I have been working on the first page of what will be a whole new chapter in our lives.  Today the final i’s were dotted and t’s crossed and I am now officially a student again.  I will be starting the first of many classes in mid-march in an effort to complete my Masters of Divinity at Liberty University.  The final objective will be a doctorate in history, if I haven’t gone insane by that point.  (Some may say that I already have…)

It is truly amazing how things come together.  I would not be able to do this if it were not for the recent job that Mr. K just landed (which he loves) and the fact that the courses are offered online.

It is my intention to continue to do the Secret of the Stole knit-a-longs, just not as frequently.  I am tossing around the idea of combining the knitwith.us website with my blog so that all the patterns and instructional videos are in one place.

Of course, I am still going to work on the Czech costumes and the photos of Ebby and Blazer will continue to grace my blog pages as well.  In face, here is a funny, yet not so funny, video of Ebby and her brother, Blazer.

After I filmed this video, I put some Bitter Apple on Blazer’s tail.  It turns out that Ebby likes Bitter Apple…  So next we tried vinegar and she does not like vinegar…but Blazer does.  So, we alternate between Ebby chewing on Blazer’s tail and Blazer chewing on Blazer’s tail….not a win/win situation…Time and training will eventually produce good results, we hope!

Fair Winds

7 thoughts on “A Whole New Chapter

  1. Best wishes with your studies!

    DH and I had a really good chuckle at your doggies. Poor Blazer…he’s so patient with Ebbie.

    (My cats couldn’t figure out who was barking in my studio!)

  2. Poor Blazer! Reminds me of when Sunny was a puppy. Like Ebbie, she attacked Jackson non-stop. Her little puppy teeth left tiny little bumps (scabs) all over Jackson, especially his ears and jaws.
    It got better after Sunny shed her puppy teeth, but they still go at it.
    Congrats on enrolling in classes again. You are very brave!
    Combining the two sites is probably a good idea. It would make it simpler for your followers too.
    Looking forward to the next SOTS

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  4. Pingback: Welcome to Our Living Room // Friday Feet | Scott Fillmer :: Serving Jesus Through Technology

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